Security cameras being installed in a LaGrange neighborhood

LAGRANGE, GA (WTVM) - One neighborhood in LaGrange will be getting new security cameras installed to help solve non-violent crime in a particular area. It is through a partnership between the LaGrange Police Department and security company Flock Safety.

"They're wireless cameras that are placed in a neighborhood, and they monitor the area 24 hours a day and the information is stored in a cloud," says Robert Kirby of the LaGrange Police Department's Criminal Investigations Section.

They say the cameras allows the community to capture the evidence police need to investigate and solve a crime. The goal is to read license plates and monitor criminal activity, like speeding and theft.

There are mixed reactions to the program. Some disagree with the idea always being monitored, while others welcome the cameras to their neighborhood.

"I don't agree with it at least not in this neighborhood, in our community anyway. Then when people have a court day, I know many people who have court dates or have court and there is no justice for them. They pull back up the camera," says LaGrange native Stacey Williams.

"If it were used in my neighborhood, I wouldn't be opposed to it. In fact, we have video surveillance in our home and our business downtown, so obviously, we wouldn't be opposed to using that," explained LaGrange resident Lisa Arnold.

Representatives from Flock Safety say that the neighborhood was selected by the LaGrange Police in what they call a high crime area.

According to the FBI, only 13 percent of non-violent crimes are solved and the Flock Safety CEO stated that the goal is to increase the number of non-violent solved crimes to 100 percent. LaGrange police say they hope it brings crime numbers down in LaGrange.

"Hopefully this will work and provide some benefits to the police department and to the citizens," says Kirby.

The installation date is set for April 9th. The location of where the cameras will be installed has not been released.

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