WTVM Editorial 3/27/18: Ann Hardman remembered

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - So often we take for granted our local public servants.

The ones who make our consolidated government run smoothly so the rest of us can get on with our business and our lives.

One elected official who made a big impact was Ann Hardman, even though she served less than two years as the Muscogee County Superior Court Clerk.

Colon cancer claimed her life, but her accomplishments live on.

We think Ann Hardman's legacy is worth special recognition because those accomplishments went beyond just her court clerk job. She mastered multiple fields: politics, business, and theology – she was a real role model for women and anyone who strives to make a mark in the world.

Hardman was a longtime local pastor who also trained other pastors. She was the author of ten books. She had a strong and loving family.

Mayor Teresa Tomlinson expressed her thanks and respect for Ann Hardman this way:

"Ann was such a great lady. She had done so much to increase the morale, efficiency, and functionality of our Superior Court."

Ann Hardman will remain a role model for other local public officials according to those who knew her best.

We send our condolences to her family and thank her for the many personal and professional gifts she gave our community.

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