Eufaula police launch campaign in hopes of cutting down car break-ins

EUFAULA, AL (WTVM) -  Authorities in Eufaula are on the hunt for suspects behind an increasing number of car break-ins.

Police say the thieves are opening up doors and taking everything from firearms to pocket change.

Eufaula Police Chief Steve Watkins says recently, there have been over twenty car break-ins that happened around the area of Holly Drive, Sanford Avenue, and Lakeside, which raised concern for locals.

"We knew there were certain individuals targeting certain neighborhoods on certain nights," said Watkins.  "They were not really after any one thing. It  Sometimes it's  a cell phone, several firearms, and pocket change."

Watkins says at least seven guns were stolen from cars as police continue to trace evidence.

Ruby Ezell says she sometimes stays in the Holly Drive area and has noticed the rash of break-ins.

"There have been some car burglaries as well. I always lock my car," said Ezell.  "I think it's sad. I think it's someone on drugs that don't want to work and looking to get something free."

Police are sending out nightly alerts via social media known as the "9 PM routine" to remind folks to double check vehicles and homes before calling it a night.

Police say just opening a car door with the intent of stealing something is a felony in Alabama.

Law enforcement says they are working by the minute to locate who is behind the burglaries. In the meantime, Watkins hopes a reminder to the public will help cut the crime.

"Make sure your car door is locked, all valuables are removed, make sure your garage is locked, and your porch light is on. Just simple things like that because we get into the habit of forgetting," said Watkins.

Police say they are expecting to take more than one suspect into custody for these break-ins while today, people are still coming forward to report stolen goods.

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