Military Matters: Army Reserves get special training in the snow

(WTVM) - We have had a couple of cool spells since Spring began, but folks to the north cannot say that.

It is still winter in places like Fort Knox, Ky., where members of the Army Reserves are getting some specialized training with all the snow.

"It has definitely tested our abilities, very definitely threw us off guard, but like we always do, we always overcome it and work together, keep moving, keep moving forward," said Spec. Katelyn Kelly of the 373rd Quartermaster Battalion. "Our mission is to see how well we can, you know, live in conditions that we're not used to and making sure that we can still work and get our mission done properly, no matter what's on our way."

Spec. Kelly's group is taking part in a Combat Support Training Exercise to make sure they are ready at a moment's notice.

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