New distracted driving bill moves forward as Georgia legislative session ends

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - In Georgia last night, lawmakers heard the words "sine die" when this year's legislative session ended.

Before heading home for the year, several widely-discussed bills, including the distracted driving bill, was approved.

The law would prevent drivers in Georgia from even holding their phones while they are behind the wheel. Governor Nathan Deal will now need to sign off on that bill, which he has endorsed it in the past.

First-time offenders are required to show proof they used a hands-free device or a receipt for the device after they receive a ticket. They would then be found not guilty in court.

The issue was making sure that chronic offenders could not repeatedly use this as an excuse to avoid conviction. Therefore, the bill was sent back to be revised to where offenders would also have to show proof they have not used this excuse in the past.

Lawmakers adjourned from the state capitol in Atlanta just after midnight.

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