WTVM Editorial 4/4/18: Diversity works

WTVM Editorial 4/4/18: Diversity works

(WTVM) - What comes to mind when you think about diversity?

It traditionally means a variety of people, different races, ethnicity, sexual orientation and the like.

All of those things are important. But we think the President of Aflac U.S., Teresa White, and the CEO Dan Amos, have one of the best definitions of diversity.

Recently, Aflac was named one of the top 50 most diverse companies in the country, by Black Enterprise Magazine.

Teresa White's view of diversity is that it's good for business. Why? Because the true deeper value of diversity is the variety of viewpoints and life experiences each employee brings to the table.

The inclusion of a variety of workers from different backgrounds leads to new ideas that can give any company a wider view of their options.

That leads them to make the best business decisions. That's why diversity works.

If you want the numbers: 47 percent of Aflac's workforce is made up of ethnic minorities. 61 percent are women. But Teresa White's point is the numbers are a small part of the story.

AFLAC is the only Columbus-based business recognized by this publication, though it's by far not the only diverse business in our area.

Most local businesses pride themselves on their diverse makeup and that's why we have a vibrant community.

But as one of the world's most recognized brands, AFLAC and President Teresa White, are especially visible in setting a great example as a company with leadership that acknowledges diversity is part of their successful business model.

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