EXCLUSIVE: Victims want answers from Tuskegee University veterinarian student charged in 'horse scam'

MACON COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - Authorities call it a cruel and shocking scam targeted at horse owners across the southeast.

Fallon Blackwood, 23,  was arrested in the scam. Today she had her first hearing in a Macon County courtroom.

The Tuskegee University veterinarian student is being accused of telling numerous people she would take good care of their horses, but soon after, she allegedly sold the horses to slaughter homes.

Heather Manchester from Tallahassee said she gave her horse, "Ranger," to Blackwood expecting a horse paradise. As time went on, she would ask for pictures and was never sent any.

"I have a feeling and I believe that he is gone from us.  I believe he was shipped out to the slaughter homes," said Manchester.

After numerous calls and text, Manchester said Blackwood admitted to selling her horse.

"It's disgusting that she's a vet student of all people," said Manchester.

Cameras were not allowed in the courtroom, but Blackwood stood before a judge with no attorney and waived extradition to charges of obtaining property under false pretense in North Carolina for "Clue" and "Mickey", horses she received from Big Apple Riding Academy and then allegedly did away with.

Another report was also filed in Troup County, Georgia with the same situation. Authorities said they believe more than 30 horse owners fell victim to the scam.

"I would like to see closure for all horses and for her to be tried as such and for the right punishment to be adjusted," said Manchester.

The Macon County Sheriff's Office said Blackwood will be held in their jail until she is picked up by authorities in North Carolina. She will then answer to her charges there.

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