Tempers flare at MCSD board meeting; board member accused of being prejudice towards LGBT community

Tempers flare at MCSD board meeting; board member accused of being prejudice towards LGBT community

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - In a heated discussion during the public agenda at the Muscogee County School Board meeting Monday, board member Frank Myers became the center of attention for a Facebook post that some say is offensive to the LGBT community.

"Teachers who are LGBTQ have to wonder if they are going to get fair treatment from a guy who exhibits such vile prejudice publicly and proudly," says Tracy Boyd-Britton.

The Facebook post reads:

I want to acknowledge that I have become aware that a Liberace protégé referred to John Thomas and me as 'jerks' at some public meeting yesterday. My understanding is that it was a gathering where public education was a topic of discussion. The 'Wannabe Ivory Tickler' cited false numbers (shocker) and diploma mill 'doctorate' recipient David Lewis sat in the audience and failed to help the double parasite/socialite understand that it is unacceptable to talk trash about two of his ('Dr. Lewis') employers. Perhaps the confusion came when Superintendent Lewis was referred to as "Big Daddy" by the 'presenter.' I can't make that up, and the implications of that designation shall be left to the reader's imagination. But I will tell you this --- I dare 'Candelabra Boy' or his no-bid 'wife' to slither their sad a**es back into another Muscogee County School Board meeting while I have a live microphone in front of me.

According to Myers, the post was directed to Rick McKnight, a presenter in a previous board meeting. He says it was taken out of context.

"First of all, the idea that I was questioning anyone's sexuality is just laughable. Rick McKnight is flamboyant, he plays the piano, he's a showboat. That was the Liberace reference. It's quite a stretch to claim that I was trying to make a comment about his sexuality." says Myers.

He says what prompted the post was McKnight calling him and fellow board member John Thomas jerks, and he didn't appreciate the superintendent not defending school board members.

"I didn't appreciate the superintendent not taking action given the fact that we employ the superintendent as members of the board of education, and its election time. They're trying to come up with an issue because they don't have one right now," explained Myers.

Britton says that she's calling for the board to penalize Myers for the comment.

"I ask for the board to sanction him or in some way provide some kind of consequence for the way he has represented them. I would think that would be upsetting for them. I know those people and I know they're better than that," says Britton.

As for this back and forth exchange, the other board members did not make comments on the allegations. Other topics discussed at the meeting were re-allocation of SPLOST funds and the appointment of five new assistant principals in schools across Muscogee County.

See new assistant principals below:

Mr. Pierre Coffey- Baker Middle

Maurdrice Mcneill- Brewer Elementary

Meredith Adams- Dorothy Height Elementary

Dr. Tabitha Ginther- Brewer Elementary

Zara Williams -  St. Mary's Road Magnet Academy

(CORRECTION: In the Tuesday night broadcast airing of this story, WTVM-TV incorrectly reported that Tracy Boyd Britton named, or even suggested, the name of the target of the Facebook post.  She did not, nor did she speculate.  This has been corrected for follow-up airings and on this web story.  WTVM-TV regrets the error.)

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