Man driving U-Haul in high-speed chase on Miller Rd. pleads not guilty on assaulting an officer

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Brandon Barfield pleaded not guilty to numerous charges including two counts of assaulting a police officer.

According to Recorder's Court, Barfield tried to run away from the scene in a high-speed chase in a U-Haul.

Investigators said the chase stretched from Veterans Parkway, down I-185, and onto Manchester.  Barfield was also charged with property damage.

Investigators said at the corner of Miller and Milgen Road, he drove through the parking lot and sidewalks of a business and ripped through shrubbery.

He then attempted to flee the scene but failed. Officers received minor cuts while trying to capture Barfield. When given a chance to make a statement in court, Barfield claimed he was also hurt and he needed medical attention.

"Unfortunately, Mr. Barfield received several injuries during this altercation with the officers and he's having difficulty breathing at the moment," said Attorney Alfonza Whitaker.

Barfield received bonds on all charges except the two counts of assaulting an officer where those are bonded over to superior court.

He remains in the Muscogee County jail where the judge has granted him that medical attention.

Brian Davis is the second suspect accused of leading Columbus Police on a separate chase while also driving a U-Haul. Davis will appear before a judge on Friday in Recorders Court.

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