Pioneer Day in Ft. Mitchell looks back to another time

FORT MITCHELL, AL (WTVM) - A day to look back in time when life moved a little slower--pioneer day is a huge part of east Alabama's rich history in Fort Mitchell.

There was plenty to see—from quilt shows, art contest, vendors, and real-life re-enactors telling stories of the pioneer days.

"What happened was Andrew Jackson left out of what they call now Fort Jackson, he did not but they went down, and they had information that they were going to attack the soft underbelly of the states," said Lee Lehmann, one of the pioneer actors.

In the pioneer days, the ladies of the house were responsible for everything from cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, all done in a cabin like this built in 1840.

"Most of these cabins had a smaller kitchen that was off the cabin, maybe attached by a breezeway or by a walk because if the kitchen burned, which it happens then the rest of the cabin would not," said Joan Budd, another pioneer actor.

Quilting was therapy and a hobby for women and is still known to be a part of this era.

"There would be plenty of quilts on the beds," said Budd.

Pioneer Day is all about educating each generation on the rich roots and heritage so close to home.

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