Columbus family celebrating life and memory of 2012 murder victim

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus family is celebrating the life and memory of their loved one who was murdered on April 21, 2012. Antonio Robinson was shot and killed on Brown Ave. shortly after a conflict at the Cream Cafe.

On that day, his grandmother made a promise to him and herself.

"I promised myself and my family to keep his memory alive," says Jeanette Davis.

She says she remembers the moment she was notified of her grandson's murder.

"They followed him from the Cream Cafe on 12th Ave. all the way to Brown Ave. where they began shooting at him with two guns."

Robert Miller III was sentenced to 55 years in prison and his co-defendant Javonta Harris received 25 years for killing Robinson.

Six years later, Davis says she is keeping that promise by bringing her family together for a balloon release in Robinson's honor.

She says it gives his daughter a chance to learn more about her father. According to Davis, she wasn't born when he was killed.

"This is his daughter. I just wanted to let her know who her father was. To let her know he's here. It took about four years to get justice so that's another reason why I'm trying to keep his memory alive," says Davis.

Antonio's father says it has been a hard process since the day his son died.

"I miss him every day, you know? I have two other boys I have to raise up, but I love him." says his father Matthew Robinson.

The family says they will continue to release balloons on the day Antonio was murdered and on his birthday.

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