NCR announces closing of production facilities in Columbus; over 300 jobs will be lost

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A leading ATM manufacturer announced Monday it will close its production facilities in the Columbus area.

The NCR facility located in the Corporate Ridge Industrial Park will continue some operations into September and will be fully close sometime in October, according to a company representative.The Midland location is expected to close in August.  Officials say the closures will eliminate 380 jobs.

In addition to the Columbus area closings, a Beijing, China facility will also close.

Mayor Teresa Tomlinson says company officials contacted her Monday to confirm that manufacturing plant in Columbus and China are closing. The move is due to a global transition from a hardware to software data-driven business.

The shift is reportedly due to people using their phones now, instead of ATMs.

"While difficult, this move will help ensure that NCR maintains its position as the global leader in ATMs, self-checkout, and point-of-sale devices as we accelerate our transformation, said NCR spokesperson, Tim Henschel.

Tomlinson adds that the city will work with the Department of Labor to provide placement services for the 380 employees who will lose their jobs due to the closure.

"NCR has a highly trained workforce and I'm very hopeful the employees will be highly employable, said Tomlinson.  "The manufacturing industry remains stable. we just have to make it more technologically stable for people who are getting away from using hardware."

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