Columbus mayoral candidate responds to domestic violence allegations

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus mayoral candidate held a news conference Monday to respond to new allegations that have been brought against him.

During the news conference, candidate Zeph Baker addressed the media regarding reports that he and his wife were separated by a court order as a result of violence.

"The judge did not grant the temporary protective order, but did ask that we agree to separate for 10 days to cool off," Baker said in a statement. Before the elapse of the 10-day period, my wife came to my residence in Columbus and we reconciled and made another effort to save our marriage."

Zeph Baker was cleared by the Muscogee County Elections Board earlier this month after one his opponents filed a complaint that challenged his residency.

"For my opponents to resort to character assassination and a smear tactic campaign is despicable," Baker further stated.

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