Eufaula police to carry new equipment after device aids in saving shooting victim

EUFAULA, AL (WTVM) - A life-saving incident is calling for new equipment to be issued to all officers at the Eufaula Police Department.

New graphic body camera video from Eufaula police officer, Lieutenant  Hunter White, shows the officer responding to Edna Street where a man who was shot in late July. The victim was shot following a domestic dispute.

In the video, you can hear White say, "we need a tourniquet on there."

White then hands the piece of equipment to Detective Alan Bolich, who is working with Sgt. William Bradley to stop the victim's bleeding.

"Pull it tight," you can hear one officer say.

Eufaula Police Chief Steve Watkins says this life-saving occurrence almost a year ago sparked the department's need for equipping all 39 officers with a tourniquet today.

"We had several doctors here and at UAB tell us without the tourniquet he wouldn't be alive today," said Watkins.

A tourniquet is a device with a strap used in a situation where severe bleeding is happening. An officer can carry it on their belt or leg and pull it out, strap it on, and twist down to apply extreme pressure to a wound.

"Primarily for the officers, but in this instance, we see the public valued from it as well," said Watkins.

Officers go through extensive training through the United States Marshal's office to carry a tourniquet and in the case of this life-saving incident, the chief says the training was evident.

"We saw what value it was to the public itself," said Watkins.

The police chief said the cost of one tourniquet is about $100.

A tourniquet is something typically used by United States military.  The Eufaula Police Department is one of the only departments in East Alabama with this equipment.

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