Testimony underway in trial of 2014 drive-by shooting in Columbus

Attorneys anticipate wrapping up the evidence phase of trial by Friday afternoon. Walker's fate could be in the hands of the jury as early as Monday.

As the evidence phase of the trial continues, the prosecution is focusing on the manner of death and whereabouts of  Walker the day of the fatal drive-by.

"Upon examining internally, I found that the bullet had gone through her right lung, as well as her heart," said a Cobb County medical examiner.

Bailey was described as being in fairly good health prior to the shooting.

The single gunshot wound resulted in her immediate death.

The defense for Walker maintains he was not on Forsyth Street when the shooting occurred, rather home at a location referred to as "the spot" all day.

According to phone and tower records,  Walker was in or near the murder scene.

"The spot is way up here. In order to have been at the spot, the user of that particular phone would have bypassed several towers to get to the south end. This does not prove he was on Forsyth, but he could have been on Forsyth," said Detective Sandra Hickey of Columbus Police Department.

Walker faces multiple murder charges,  felony aggravated assault, and use of firearm to commit a crime.

The trial resumes Friday at 9 am.

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