WTVM Editorial 4/27/18: Instruments of Power

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - If I had known how much learning to play a musical instrument could have made me smarter in math, enhanced my concentration and even my coordination, I would have paid more attention during my childhood piano lessons!

That's why we want to commend the work of the Youth Orchestra of Greater Columbus, for teaching kids the value of a musical education. Study after study proves learning an instrument sharpens your social skills, helps make you more organized and teaches you concentration skills that can counter stress and even stage fright.

The trumpet or cello or violin your child learns to play can become an instrument of power in their lives.

The Youth Orchestra of Greater Columbus includes a group of intermediate and advanced string, brass, wind and percussion musicians as well as a separate String Orchestra for young string players.

More than 100 students from over 20 area public, private and home schools participate in the combined orchestras. Recently, our news anchors Barbara Gauthier and Jason Dennis helped the Youth Orchestra raise money in a three-way challenge for the chance to be Maestros for a Moment.

Three teams together raised thousands of dollars, with the team led by Attorney Gary Bruce and Jimmy Motos, coming out ahead and winning the right to lead a special concert where they were Maestros for a Moment.

The money they raised will help the young musicians for much longer than a moment. The Youth Orchestra always needs monetary support to provide world class instruction to the young musicians.

Even if your child doesn't join this musical group, there are opportunities to learn instruments at school and it will pay off if they do.

Learning to play in a band or orchestra teaches teamwork, discipline, and a sense of achievement. Those skills alone make playing an instrument a smart choice for any parent and child.

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