Churches across Columbus help House of Heroes 'Redeem the Block'

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The families of several veterans received a helping hand Saturday during House of Heroes' "Redeem the Block" program. The organization uses the program to help churches reach out and help those in their community.

"Minor things around the house mean so much to them," said HOH Director Susan Wood. "There are little things that they cant do any more. They feel overwhelmed by a project. We are here to lend a hand and show that we really do care about our veterans."

Helen Dansro was one of the people that the program helped today. Volunteers helped paint a table and bench and clean a well in front of her home. She says she may not have been able to take care of these projects without House of Heroes.

"If there weren't people to help the soldiers and their families," she said, "Where would we be? What would we do?"

Jerry Speer, the pastor of Northside Baptist Church, says the event allows his congregation to say thank you.

"Our veterans do such a great job protecting our country," he said. "They are the reason we are free to worship and so what a great thing for us as a church to be able to say thank you. Thank you for giving us the freedom that we have."

To get involved with House of Heroes you can visit their website by clicking here or at (706) 569-7011.

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