Ft. Benning MCOE performs live tanks and artillery demonstration

FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) - The Maneuver Center of Excellence in Fort Benning performed a live demonstration using tanks and artillery for the public and special guests Monday.

The demonstration was part of its Operation Thunderbolt event.

The school showcased what armor platoon has to go through during enemy contact. They brought in M-1 Abrams tanks and also fired 120 and 105 motor rounds, destroying tanks down range.

"For this demonstration purpose, we've kind of shrunk the area and put them only a couple hundred meters apart so everyone can see exactly what's happening and in some cases, they're going to feel it when those first main gun rounds go off. Everyone in the stands are going to feel just the shock effect of that main gun round," said  Col. Thomas Feltey, commander of the 316 Calvary Brigade.

The Maneuver Center of Excellence also hosts the Sullivan Cup which is a competition to be the best tank crew.

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