Sewage smell in Phenix City neighborhood; officials determine cause and announce plans for projects in area

(WTVM) - Phenix City residents say there is a stinky smell across Stadium Drive.

“Even with your windows rolled up you can still smell the odor. It's very like loud," says Phenix City area resident, Keondra Kalpen. " It smells horrible."
Residents across Stadium Drive and Summerville Road want to know what's behind the foul odor that they say keeps coming back to their neighborhood.
“It smells like sewage," says Kalpen. "You can't really pinpoint where it's coming from, but once you get down in this area you smell it. It's something.”
Phenix City Utilities Director, Stephen Smith, says the smell can most likely be linked to a recent grease back-up in a sewage line at the Gardens Apartments on Stadium Drive. Smith says crews have been out on site working to fix the issue, but that's not the only project you’ll see crews out working on lately.
Although the land at the intersection of Riverchase Drive and Airport Road may look bare now, in a few years, city officials say that could change.
This means the pipelines running in that area will have to have the proper sewage pipes to serve the commercial and residential plans for the land.
One resident says, "I think the growth will be good for Phenix City."
Recently, utility crews can be seen working along Riverchase Drive, positioning pipes in the area.

“Initially [the pipes] will serve the new apartment complex on Riverchase Drive,  but we anticipate a substantial amount of commercial growth in that corridor both north and south of Highway 80," says Smith.

Smith says today's sewage smell from Stadium Drive has no relation to this project here on Riverchase Drive. He also says residents should not expect to smell any sewage from this project as the lines are capped underground in separate chambers.

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