The Power of Goodwill: Injured eagle returns to the wild following care at AU

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - An injured eagle is back in the wild now after getting some care from Auburn University and a state department.

Photos of the two-year-old bird show him emaciated when he was brought in to Auburn's Southeastern Raptor Center.

He was also suffering from several other injuries, including a broken right wing.

The bird was eventually rehabilitated and then taken to the Dallas-Wilcox County Line in Wilcox County, Alabama, where he was first discovered, and released earlier this week.

The Alabama Department of Wildlife and Fisheries helped with the eagle's release.

Director Chuck Sykes says his department was happy to help, adding that many people forget that this is what they do.

"The wind was right. Everything was good, it worked like it was supposed to. You know when people talk about the conservation department, they really think hooks and bullets, fish and shootin' deer and turkeys, but we have a great non-game program and this is just one of the things we do," says Sykes.

Wildlife authorities say there was no evidence the bird was intentionally harmed.

Eagles typically live a little more than 20 years, so those who healed him hope he has many more years ahead of him.

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