Chambers Academy faces old foe in state title game

Chambers Academy faces old foe in state title game

(WTVM) - Chambers Academy earned their first bid to the AISA 1-A title series since 1999 last week.

It's no joke the challenge these kids are up against. They face Eastwood Christian, a team that's beaten them three times already this year. Those games were back in March.

These guys know they're a different team now, and have gone through several lineup changes since then. They've also had to win a pair of do-or-die game three's to get here, so they're no stranger to having their backs up against the wall.

They're ready to bring something different to Eastwood this time around.

"In the back of our heads everybody's doubting us," senior left fielder Blake Sheppard said. "But, we've improved a lot through the year and we have more momentum now than they do and I think that's going to pay off."

"I think we've been the underdog all year long," senior Luke Davis said. "We've kind of embraced it lately and we've done really well with that and I'm confident. I think we'll be fine."

"Nobody really expected us to be here," senior Gavin White said. "Sometimes we didn't expect to be here, you know? As the season was going, but we're here and we're glad we're here and I think we've been the underdog the whole time, it's just going to motivate us."

This team's gone from just a few wins in recent years to fighting for a state title.

"It's crazy," White said. "It sounds crazy and it is crazy. It's unrealistic sometimes. I was on this team whenever we won two games, maybe three games, and we just kept working and now we're here."

"I've been on teams here where we've won one game a whole season, two games a whole season, you know?" Sheppard said. "Just to come out and win. We're at 20 wins right now for the season. Making it to the state championship says a lot about the team, and means a lot to me."

They know how far they've come, and want to bring one home for the whole Chambers community.

"It's something special to have the people in the community come up to us and talk to us," Davis said.

"Everybody's kind of riding with us and it's cool to be part of a team doing that."

Chambers did win the last time they played in the title game.

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