WTVM Editorial 5/8/18: Economics can be emotional

(WTVM) - A new Panera Bread will be built on Macon Road in Columbus.

Tiger Town in Opelika is expanding. Auburn's economy is especially healthy. Academy Sports is due to open soon in North Columbus and riverfront development continues in Columbus.

It all amounts to more good economic news for everyone in our region.

With unemployment going down and tax reform helping individuals and businesses, some of whom have even handed out bonus checks, our area economy is looking healthier than ever.

That means we all can be confident in expecting steady economic growth. The April Consumer Confidence Index shows the percent of consumers expecting their incomes to decline over the coming months reached its lowest level since December 2000.

Overall, consumer confidence levels remain strong according to experts, and they suggest the economy will continue expanding at a solid pace in the months ahead.

Other examples of local growth and economic confidence include Piedmont Columbus Regional, which just expanded its investment in our city by adding a new emergency room in North Columbus.

That's the kind of positive news that makes local small businesses and even larger operations want to grow their investments in our communities.

All of this should create economic optimism. That's because the economy is not just numbers, it's emotional and personal, too.

Seeing growth and investment happening around us can encourage other businesses to do the same and that makes for a stronger, better community for all of us.

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