Columbus 2038 meetings underway to discuss making improvements in the community

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - One of a series of meetings to identify how the Columbus community can improve took place Tuesday at St. Luke Ministry Center.

Columbus 2038 public meetings began last fall and aim to get the community's thoughts and opinions on how Columbus can improve over the next 20 years.

Some of the topics that are discussed include transportation, land, and road developments. New topics introduced at Tuesday night's meeting included the high-speed rail from Columbus to Atlanta and self-driving cars.

"This will help up establish the goals and achievements that we will want to reach as a community in the next 20 years. Eventually what will have to happen from the state's perspective is, we have to develop what they call a short-term plan or a capital improvement plan that actually implements these goals, " says director of planning, Rick Jones.

The meeting featured a presentation and different activities to help demonstrate the ideas that were being presented by the planning committee.

Additional Columbus 2038 meetings are scheduled to take place throughout the month of May.

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