Nonprofit organization in Columbus raising funds for medical equipment to benefit children with disabilities

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A non-profit organization in Columbus is working to provide parents of children with disabilities with needed equipment.

Pedaling for Kids raises money through cycling events to buy equipment such as special walkers, standers, wheelchairs, and even iPads and appropriate apps for autistic, non-verbal, and hearing-impaired children.

The organization saw a need in 2010 and has been raising money ever since.

"We've done handicapped accessible bathrooms for some families who needed that. We do iPads for those children who are nonverbal and who also have special needs. We've done some locator bracelets that we've teamed up with the sheriff's department to help to purchase these for children who might be flight risks. We've done hoyer lifts, special standers, and special wheelchairs," says Rhonda Eysel, chairman of the board for Pedaling for Kids.

The organization focuses on buying equipment that insurance companies won't cover and things that families can't usually afford to purchase.

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