Gov. Deal signs bills into law, vetoes others

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - As Governor Deal wraps up his last few months in office, the deadline has come for him to either sign or veto bills passed in the legislature.

Governor Deal vetoed 21 legislative proposals, which is likely his last set of vetoes as Georgia's governor.

Among those vetoed was a bill to cap fees a homeowner's association could charge for information making contracts with consultants more transparent.

Also, a bill where tech giants like Microsoft and Google urged Deal not to sign that would have given law enforcement the ability to prosecute online snoopers was vetoed.

They said the bill would have created new criminal liabilities for researchers who already work to eliminate snoopers and those companies working to improve cybersecurity.

On the other hand, Deal signed several bills into law like giving the green light on speed cameras in school zones. The cameras will automatically ticket drivers going at least ten miles per hour over the limit. This would be something left up to individual school districts to decide upon.

Victims of domestic abuse will now be allowed to break a residential lease with a court order without penalty.

The governor also approved updates to the state's adoption laws, making it easier to adopt children.

Starting in July, Georgians suffering from PTSD and severe pain will be allowed to use medical marijuana.

For a full list of bills Gov. Deal vetoed, click here. For a full list of bills Gov. Deal signed, click here.

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