Almost 100 lbs. of prescription drugs taken back in east AL

EAST ALABAMA (WTVM) - In east Alabama, drug take-back programs have continued success in battling the growing number of prescription pills being dealt on the streets.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says over sixty-per-one-hundred people are prescribed opioids in Lee County alone.

According to the Lee County Sheriff's Office's Captain Chris Wallace, a record-breaking one million prescription pills were recently collected nationwide.

From Chambers County to Lee County and down to Eufaula – all places where local government and local authorities are taking matters into their own hands by administering drug take-back programs.

Just recently, over thirty pounds of prescription medicines were recovered in the Eufaula area and Chambers County saw about forty pounds raked in as well.

Smiths Station city officials recently collected over thirty pounds during their first time administering a drug take-back program.

"It was a great turnout and we are happy to serve the people in our area," said Smiths Station Communication Director Lisa Deason.

Authorities say, in many cases, family or friends pass away and people are left with opioids they do not know how to dispose of.

Flushing them down the toilet can contaminate the water supply, according to drug officials who say making sure pills are thrown away properly is key to health along with assuring the pills do not end up in the wrong hands.

Drug take-back officials say the prescription pills collected are later picked up by the Drug Enforcement Agency and properly disposed of.

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