Community reacts to Columbus mayoral candidates following WTVM/WXTX debate

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It is your voice and your vote and in less than two weeks, you will have the opportunity to make it heard.

People from the Fountain City will decide who they would like to have as the next mayor of Columbus.

It was a big night for the Columbus community as all six candidates gave their platforms a voice and shared with the community why they should be the next mayor of Columbus.

Candidates Danny Arencibia, Zeph Baker, Beth Harris, Skip Henderson and Charlie Roberts all took part in the debate.

Winfred Shipman, the sixth candidate, did not arrive to the News Leader 9 studio on time but was able to speak separately to make sure he got a chance to share his campaign.

Community members today shared their feelings about the debate.

"I'm kind of torn in between, I don't have a favorite right now. Because they haven't really shown me, they've told me, but it's one thing to say it and doing it is another," said one Columbus voter.

Another told us that "Of the three, Zeph Baker, Beth Harris and Skip Henderson were the three to me that I thought were the most qualified."

If you have not decided who you will be casting a vote for, you have until the May 22 election day to make your decision.

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