Davis Elementary introduces the Millionaires Club to encourage students to do their best work

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - End of the year tests have been occupying younger students for weeks. One school in Columbus found a way to encourage their students to work hard.

J.D. Davis Elementary School took students who are in the Millionaires Club for limo rides Friday. The Millionaires Club is for students in third, fourth, and fifth grade who passed state exams.

"We are super, super excited. This is a celebration for the GMES and there's just the excitement of getting the chance to ride in the limo. They can come back and be treated like VIP and the parents are there as the paparazzi.  It's just a time to celebrate students' success," said MiMi Reese, a third-grade teacher at J.D. Davis Elementary.

The school rented the limos to pick up the students to celebrate their achievements.

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