Opelika teachers say 'it's a miracle they are alive' following collision in D.C.

OPELIKA, AL (WTVM) -  Two Opelika City Schools teachers are recovering after a traumatic incident left them underneath a car fighting for their lives.

Krista Pigg, Gayle Holladay, Ginger Weygand, Kathy Stanley, Cindy Poteet, Dana Daniel,  Kathy Brown, Ryan McDonald, Katie Murray, and Amy Bass all work for Opelika City Schools and were there the day the horrifying incident left Stanley and Weygand underneath a car while they were all at a Washington D.C. conference for educators.

"I was screaming get it off of me, get it off of me!" said Stanley.

According to DC Fire and EMS, a two-vehicle collision caused one of the cars to jump a curb and onto a sidewalk, which injured the teachers.

"I said out loud, God please don't let me die," said Weygand. One teacher said Weygand's hair could be seen from under a tire.

Stanley has injuries throughout her body where rods and plates are holding things together today.

"It was the worst pain I've ever been through in my life," said Stanley.

Weygand with a broken hand along with blisters, bruises, and tire tracks spread out from the car which laid on top of her.

Both said they never lost consciousness the day they say a miracle happened. Good Samaritans were caught on camera lifting the car off the two teachers' bodies.

"They lifted the car and moved it five feet. It was unreal," said Weygand.

"It was just amazing grace," replied Stanley.

While the incident scarred their bodies, the teachers said what they will remember from the day will be the strangers who helped and God who kept them safe.

"The selflessness of people is amazing," explained Weygand.

"It was horrible, but I'm blessed because God had his angels watching over us," said Stanley.

Stanley said she will be going through physical therapy for about a year to recover while Weygand said she is recovering.  Both teachers said they are thankful to Opelika City Schools and the community for continuous support and prayers.

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