WTVM Editorial 5/22/18: Be an informed voter

WTVM Editorial 5/22/18: Be an informed voter
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(WTVM) - Twice in the last ten days we've been proud to televise and live stream two important debates: the primary contest for Mayor of Columbus and the Democrat primary race for Alabama's 3rd Congressional District.

WTVM carried both debates live of course, the best way for viewers to hear the candidates express themselves.

We invited viewers to send us their questions for the candidates and our moderators worked some of those questions into the debates.

In addition to those debates, we also offered candidates for Mayor and Muscogee County School Board longer, individual live interviews, designed to give each candidate enough time to communicate their positions on issues like crime, taxes, how to improve our schools and, in Alabama's congressional primary, health care, the economy and job growth.

We also featured Columbus City Council candidates in profiles before the primary, to help inform voters of their positions.

Every citizen ought to exercise their right to vote but that right becomes even more valuable when we are informed about our choices before we stand in the voting booth.

No matter who you voted for or plan to vote for in Georgia and Alabama's primaries, and the inevitable runoff elections to follow, you are doing the right thing when you take the time to cast your ballot.

If you want to be better informed about any of the candidates between now and the general election in November, please visit our website and news app which is one good source of information on all the races.

We take our responsibilities seriously when it comes to helping educate ourselves and you about the candidates' positions on the issues that affect our lives.

But no matter how you choose to learn about the candidates, we hope you take just a little time to investigate their positions and their promises.

Once the elections are over, we'll all have to live with our choices.

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