Several Smiths Station roads closed, bridges collapsed following heavy rains

Lee Rd. 246 (Source: Mya Johnson/WTVM)
Lee Rd. 246 (Source: Mya Johnson/WTVM)

SMITHS STATION, AL (WTVM) - Inclement weather and threats of flash flooding overnight and into the morning have left several Smiths Station roads closed.

Most small bridges in Smiths Station have collapsed. This includes the bridge on Lee Rd. 318 a mile north of Lee Rd. 319 and the bridge on Lee Rd. 687.

The following roads are closed:

  • Lee Rd. 222/240
  • 6300 block of Lee Rd. 246 has a busted water main
  • Lee Rd. 980 is underwater
  • Lee Rd. 235 off of Lee Rd. 246 is underwater
  • Lee Rd. 246 off of Lee Rd. 242 is barricaded
  • Lee Rd. 197 at Bratton Automotive has heavy water on the road
  • Lee Rd. 959 has cars and houses flooded
  • Lee Rd. 960 has cars and houses flooded
  • Lee Rd. 295/293 has a bridge underwater
  • Lee Rd. 238 has a partial washout of the road and is barricaded
  • Lee Rd. 294 is barricaded
  • Lee Rd. 437 is barricaded

This list is not all-inclusive and other roads could have flooding conditions.

There is no word yet on when these roads will reopen.

Drivers are asked to drive carefully and exercise caution.

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