Several residents stuck after bridge collapses in Smiths Station due to flooding

SMITHS STATION, AL (WTVM) - In Smiths Station, Mayor Bubba Copeland confirmed excessive rain has closed several roads and warns about one area where a bridge has collapsed.

Authorities on the scene said early this morning, someone was driving across this bridge where it began to collapse off Lee Road 319.

Excessive amounts of rain left a great deal of standing water and much flooding throughout Smiths Station.

There are more than 10 homes across the bridge with one way in and one way out.

Witnesses said they saw a man almost drown while trying to make it across the bridge.

"There was a guy going to work before five this morning. This side was not washed out and he went across it. Then that side started washing out and the front of his truck fell in the hole. He was washed out and went down the stream here. He was able to find something to hold on to and pull out before he drowned. He's got a real big gash in his head," said a witness.

Road conditions were so bad, schools in Lee County were delayed for three and a half hours. They are advising everyone out on the roads to slow down and be extra cautious as they commute.

Authorities are still trying to figure out what to do next and how they are going to repair this bridge.

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