Ft. Benning's medivac helicopter makes test landing at Piedmont Columbus Regional

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Fort Benning's Medivac Black Hawk Helicopter made its first test landing at Piedmont Columbus Regional Hospital Wednesday during the hospital's Public Safety Luncheon.

A three-man crew flew in from Fort Benning in support of the luncheon held at the hospital's Midtown campus,  and to provide a successful landing for the hospital administration.

We've been thinking about doing it for the last couple of weeks and we wanted to come show our support for the community. It's the first time we're landing here at this hospital, so it's kind of training for us so we could validate the chopper. So, if we ever have to use it, we know what to expect," said Chief Warrant Officer Kevin Nicholas.

Occasionally, the medivac crew will transport critical patients from Fort Benning and other military areas to Piedmont's Midtown campus as needed.

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