CVCC Prepares for fourth World Series trip in five years

(WTVM) - Chattahoochee Valley Community College is World Series bound.

They arrived in Grand Junction, Colorado this week, the site of the national championships in the NJCAA.

It's their fourth trip in the last five seasons, but since it's JUCO ball, with a limit of two-to-three years on a team, only one guy on the current roster was there the last time they made it two seasons ago.

This year's bunch makes their first appearance in the World Series, and while the cliche of "treat it like another game" is true, the actual test is keeping the nerves and all the emotions in check.

"It's just whoever can manage those emotions and the intensity obviously playing in front of a lot of people,"  said sophomore second baseman Rankin Woley. "The weather's going to be different. It's going to be 90 during the day and 50 at night. It's whoever can weather that the best I think is  the team that's going to come out on top."

"There's something on the line, just like the state tournament," sophomore pitcher Cole Ganopulos said. "That pressure will be there, but you just have to have fun and play."

 Head coach Adam Thomas knows the stage is much bigger and isn't using the "just another game" speech.

"You don't want to tell them it's just another game. It's not just another game," Thomas said. "That's silly, that would just be foolish to say that. If you can take that intensity, but maintain that composure and keep yourself under control emotionally, that's a good thing. We were able to do that in the tournament and at the conference tournament. I expect no different going to the national tournament."

 Game one of the double-elimination JUCO World Series for Chattahoochee Valley starts this Saturday when the Pirates play Iowa Western.

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