Columbus Public Works officials advising of areas with standing water after recent flooding

(Source: Sharifa Jackson)
(Source: Sharifa Jackson)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - In the last week, the city of Columbus saw how fast water can accumulate.

Flash Flood Watches were issued and areas pooled with nearly knee-deep of water. Officials say low lying areas like Oakland Park is a perfect environment for standing water.

People in the area say water buildup and flooding is a reminder nearly every time it rains.

Columbus has a number of low-lying areas, also called hotspots.

These areas are known to include Oakland Park, a subdivision located off South Lumpkin Road, Interstate 185 between the Manchester Expressway and Macon Road exits, and Front Avenue in Uptown.

Officials with Public Works say when the city gets a lot of rain during a short period. The drainage system is designed to handle the rain, but sometimes continuous rain challenges the city's infrastructure.

The standing water sometimes takes days to clear away on its own.

Public Works officials know of these hotspot areas and monitor the drains and streets ahead of impending heavy rain.

Officials also remind people to never drive or walk into flood waters.

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