WTVM Editorial 5/29/18: Mayor Tomlinson's legacy

(WTVM) - One winning candidate in the recent Georgia primary elections can ignore the fall campaign entirely because by winning the primary with 56 percent of the vote, he automatically becomes the next Mayor of Columbus.

Skip Henderson faced five candidates in the May 22 and won the Mayor's office outright because he won a decisive victory with 56 percent of the vote.

Eight years ago, Teresa Tomlinson was elected Mayor with 68 percent of the vote and her two terms resulted in several notable achievements that will form her legacy.

Tomlinson could not run again this time due to term limits, which are generally a wonderful thing. They keep the flow of new ideas coming into government service.

New ideas can be highly productive when it comes to solving thorny issues like improving city services when city revenue is falling, or managing personnel costs and confronting persistent crime and urban development issues.

Mayor Tomlinson tackled all those issues and more, confidently and effectively, during her two terms.

Mayor Tomlinson did a wonderfully professional job, working alongside other talented business and civic leaders in Columbus to make our city a better place, day-by-day during her eight years in office.

She was always available to answer questions and not just from the media. Tomlinson's "Let's Talk with the Mayor" forums kept her in touch with citizens in various neighborhoods.

That's one achievement that speaks to her effectiveness as a Mayor and a manager and could be just one of the reasons Georgia Trend magazine named Teresa Tomlinson one of the 100 Most Influential Georgians.  Five times.

Mayor Tomlinson has been an outstanding mayor – and she's not done yet. She will still be occupying that office until January of 2019.

It's never too early to thank Mayor Tomlinson for the good she has accomplished.

And it's also never too early to congratulate Skip Henderson, who is now the Mayor-elect.

He has a difficult act to follow, but we wish him well when he takes office as the next Mayor of Columbus.

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