WTVM Editorial 5/29/18: Congrats Class of 2018

(WTVM) - Congratulations to the graduating high school class of 2018!

You've worked hard and we hope you all find success as you take the next steps toward an adult life.

Last week, WTVM was proud to offer complete live streams of every graduation in Muscogee County as well as Central High in Phenix City and Harris County High School.

Every year the list grows as we include more graduations in a massive effort to showcase local graduates. The live stream on our news app provides a way for family and friends who can't attend the ceremony in person to share in their loved ones' glory and achievement.

The Class of 2018 has the distinction of being, for the most part, born in the year 2000, the historic year we entered a new century.

If you were born in the year 2000, you may not know there was no such thing as a smartphone - yet. And even if your parents had a cell phone, it didn't have a camera on it to take a selfie with you, their precious baby.

The terror of 9/11/ 2001 had not yet happened when you were born, but all your life you've grown up knowing all too much about global terrorism.

In the year you were born, there was no WIFI everywhere, no Wikipedia and no Google to look up anything under the sun. Most businesses didn't have a website in the year 2000 when you were born.

But a lot changes in 18 years and now you are the generation that understands the digital world better than most. For instance, you're comfortable using all types of social media, even though sometimes you get burned by its judgmental power.

A lot has changed since the Class of 2018 came into the world. And you will be in for a lot more change, especially since your longer life expectancy could mean you'll live to be 100.

One thing we know for sure is we expect great things from you.

Congratulations graduates, on your first big achievement in YOUR century.

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