EXCLUSIVE: Phenix City resident says home floods with raw sewage after heavy rains

(Source: Becky Meredith/WTVM)
(Source: Becky Meredith/WTVM)
(Source: Becky Meredith/WTVM)
(Source: Becky Meredith/WTVM)
(Source: Becky Meredith/WTVM)
(Source: Becky Meredith/WTVM)

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - Longtime Phenix City resident Becky Meredith has lived on Bridgewater Drive for 11 years with her husband. She says raw sewage flowing in her yard has been an ongoing issue.

"It is raw sewage, its a little bit of everything you see," says Meredith.

It flows directly down her driveway and into her home when the weather gets rough. Just one week ago, the Bridgewater area saw flooding due to heavy rains. Meredith says she captured those video and pictures of the sewage flooding her property seen in News Leader 9's report.

"This is the first time I've actually gone up on the street at 4 a.m., middle of the night, to go up and take pictures of the manhole. It sounds like a river flowing," says Meredith.

She says she's contacted Phenix City officials multiple times, even congressman, but she gets the same response each time.

"They tell me it will be part of a three-year plan," says Meredith.

She says the problem never seems to be tackled. Meredith says yet, pipeline projects across the city continue to get attention.

"Two new schools built and several housing developments built and the pipeline is too small to take the overflow," Meredith says.

Meredith says shes now worried that the left behind sewage can pose health hazards to her and her young grandchildren.

"There are days after that we have remaining toilet paper and things left [on our property]."

News Leader 9 reached out to the director of the Phenix City utility department, Stephen Smith, about the issue and is waiting for a response.

"What I say to people is, 'Would you want this coming down your driveway?'", says Becky.

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