Communities around the country honor survivors on National Gun Awareness Day

(WTVM) - Communities across the country honored victims and survivors of gun violence as part of a weekend-long initiative to raise awareness and demand change.

"As soon as we shut the white lights off. The fireworks are going off and we decided it's more likely for a school shooting than it is for to a fire," says Bree Butler, a student at Santa Fe High School.

Bree Butler survived the recent deadly mass shooting at a Texas high school.

Butler, who just graduated, and others are wearing orange this weekend which is a color used to raise awareness on a national level.

"People say they want to keep our quiet little town our quiet little town and I respect that completely," says Butler.

While she cannot change people, she says she can stand up for what she believes and her peers are optimistic about the next generation of activists.

"It's amazing, incredible, it's powerful," says Marcel McClinton, a mass shooting survivor. "This makes me think of a revolution in sorts of you know young people rallying together and you know one common goal and gun violence in every community not just schools but in theaters on the streets and in churches everywhere."

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