City of Columbus proposes 3 roundabouts to be constructed along Williams Road

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The City of Columbus is proposing improvements to Williams Road that could add three roundabouts to the street.

The road has seen a lot of congestion due to high traffic and construction, according to drivers.

"Anything that can relieve the congestion on Williams Road would be an improvement," says driver Charles Yarborough. "When you get to the Williams Road and Fortson intersection, that place just bogs all the traffic down early morning and late afternoon. It's really a bear to get through that intersection."

Donna Newman, the director of engineering, says one single-lane roundabout could be installed on Fortson Road, one on Builders Way, and a two-lane roundabout installed at the Interstate 185 northbound ramps intersection. Those are in addition to new traffic signals to be installed on the Interstate 185 southbound ramps intersection and at the intersection of Stevens Lane and Lloyd Road.

"Roundabouts can cause some concerns for people who aren't accustomed to them, but they're very efficient and very safe," says Newman.

Newman says the construction job could cost around $9.6 million.

"It's adding amenities to it as well. But it's adding some safety. The roundabouts act as speed controls and makes it safer at the intersections," says Newman.

The CCG says they are currently working on funding for the project, and those changes could be seen as early as late 2019 or early 2020.

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