Several candidates preparing for runoff after Alabama primary election

(WTVM) - With plenty uphill battles ahead, multiple candidates across Alabama did not get a majority vote. Therefore, the next step is a runoff up against the other person with the most votes.

After Tuesday's primary elections, some candidates are getting ready to begin another campaign going head to head in a runoff election July 17.

Russell County Probate Judge Alfred Harden said in order to avoid a run-off, candidates must earn more than 50 percent to be deemed the winner.

"The misconception is that if someone wins the majority of the vote, say there are four or five people in the race, that the top vote getter is the winner. That's just not the case. You must win 50 percent plus a few votes in order to be the vote getter or the winner. If they don't do that then its the top two in the runoff," said Harden.

Harden also wants to remind voters that if you did not vote in the primary, you can still vote in the run-off where you can vote either party. However, this doesn't apply if you've already voted.

"Within the last two years, there's a new law passed in Alabama that if you voted for a Democrat in the primary,  you can only vote in the Democratic run-off. If you voted for a Republican in the primary, then you can only vote for a Republican in the run-off. If you cross over then there's a heavy fine that goes with that," said Harden.

On general election day in November, you have a clean slate and you may choose any party or even have a split ballot.

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