WTVM Editorial 6/12/18: The gift of life

(WTVM) - Organ donation is one of the most self-less gifts we can give to one another.

Whether it is a living gift of bone marrow, or a kidney or a gift after death that gives someone else a healthy liver, or the ability to see again or to hear a healthy heart beating in their chest, organ donation is truly a medical miracle.

Just such a gift was the subject of an exclusive News Leader 9 story last week. Reporter Sharifa Jackson told us how 19-year-old Corbin Simpson of Phenix City learned that LaShonda Brown of Columbus urgently needed a kidney transplant.

When the two strangers turned out to be a perfect medical match, the kidney donation and transplant went forward at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital.

Corbin's incredibly generous gift of a healthy kidney will save LaShonda's life – she was in end-stage renal failure.

We respect that there can sometimes be religious objections to organ donation.

But for others, we want to express support of the practice of organ donation because it can be a second chance at life for thousands of critically ill people, just like LaShonda Brown.

Right now, the Centers for Disease Control reports that 115,000 Americans are waiting for an organ transplant.

Because of the rigorous medical standards and practices involved with transplantation, not all who need organs will get them.

LaShonda is one of the lucky ones thanks to Corbin's excellent health.

We wish Corbin and LaShonda both a speedy recovery and a return to normal life.

For donations made after death, the Mayo Clinic says one donor with healthy organs can save up to eight lives and enhance the lives of 50 other patients, and it doesn't cost a thing.

Donor families report that oftentimes just knowing your loved one's organs have gone to someone in need, helps the grieving process because they know part of their loved one will live on, thanks to the selfless generosity of an organ donor.

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