Some Barbour County residents show support of terminated animal control officer

BARBOUR COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - A Barbour County Commission meeting hosted some locals who expressed their disapproval after the county's animal control officer was terminated.

Jennifer Jernigan,  Barbour County's former animal control officer, was reportedly fired because she did not follow the county's kill policy after rescuing animals. However, her supporters defended her at Tuesday's meeting and claimed she did the right thing when several dogs and other animals were rescued.

Jernigan was also at the meeting to make sure people knew the intensity of the situation that she faced.

"They expected me to go out there and turn my back and walk away and leave 48 dogs that were nothing but bags of bones and had urine burns on their feet. One of them actually chewed his own foot off," said Jernigan.

Members of the commission declined to comment on the firing due to a lawsuit involved with the event.

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