WTVM Editorial 6/13/18: Operation finally home

WTVM Editorial 6/13/18: Operation finally home
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(WTVM) – U.S. Army Sgt. Adam Lee of Auburn was seriously injured in a Chinook helicopter crash in Afghanistan, forcing him the retire from the army in 2012.

His life was suddenly turned upside down. But now he and his family have the security of a new home, mortgage-free, thanks to a wonderful organization that deserves to be much better known.

It's called Operation Finally Home and we covered the retired Sargent and his family getting the keys to their new home in Auburn last week.

A unique partnership brings local builders and other sponsors together to build the custom homes to make it happen.

The Auburn custom home builder Dillworth Development, with donations and other help from the Auburn community and the charity "Operation Finally Home," were able to reward him with a specially built home in recognition of Sargent Lee's service.

He first served in the Alabama National Guard, then in the regular Army, which took him to Afghanistan and the helicopter crash that changed his life.

Operation Finally Home is based in Texas, but they have 220 projects underway in 30 states, and the new Auburn home was one of them.

Veterans qualify by virtue of their service and suffering a disability rated 70 percent or more by the military.

Veterans like Sargent Lee also have to demonstrate financial stability, because even though the home is given mortgage-free, the families must pay property taxes and be able to maintain the home as responsible homeowners should.

We think it's important to publicize this generous veterans' charity, one of so many other worthy veterans' charities. Operation Finally Home has literally created homes for injured veterans. It's an organization that deserves our support and if you're so inclined, your donations.

As much as we can – and do - offer thanks and support to our injured veterans for the sacrifices they have made, nothing has the power to be as life-changing as a secure, new home they can call their own.

Sgt. Lee has earned it.

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