New numbers show crime increasing during the summer in Columbus

(WTVM) - When you think of summertime you may think of vacation and relaxation but local law enforcement says summertime can have a much darker side filled with crime. Some of that violence targets young adults according to officials.

"When [kids] are in a negative environment you are going to see negative things happen to them," says Muscogee County Marshal Greg Countryman.

Countryman explains its programs in the community such as their agency's Junior Marshal Program that encourages positive character moral into the youth; which can make all the difference in putting a young adult on the right path in life.

"Unless they have someone mentoring them," says Countryman. "This is why mentorship is so important."

Already in the month of June Columbus has seen an 18-year-old arrested on drug charges in relation to a late night shooting on Webster Avenue.

"We talk about crime a lot of times, but we don't have a crime problem.. We have a crime crisis," says Countryman.

Below you can see the 3rd Quarter crime reports for the past three years according to Columbus Police. The 3rd Quarter period spans to include the summer months of July, August, and Septemeber. In 2017, crime was sufficiently higher during the summer months as seen in the charts.

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