Baker Middle School in Columbus launches outdoor learning project

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A middle school in Columbus are launching a project to help students and the community.

Students and teachers at Baker Middle School will soon create a school garden that will allow students to learn while in an outdoor environment. The garden will connect Baker Middle with surrounding communities and leaders through STEAM education.

Not only will the outdoor class be educational, it will also provide a healthy food alternative to students who may not have access to high nutritional fresh vegetables.

"Our plan is to utilize the space in therapeutic ways with restorative practices and just help kids realize what a sense of community is really about. And of course you know schools used to be a beacon in the community, so we want to once again be that beacon for our community," said Baker Middle School Principal Ramona Horn.

Additionally, the school garden will inspire students to explore gardening as a potential career path. Baker Middle will partner with other community leaders such as government officials and faith-based groups.

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