Ft. Mitchell road rage suspect indicted on 2 criminal counts including hate crime

FT MITCHELL, AL (WTVM) -  Following a grand jury presentation, Russell County District Attorney Ken Davis said the suspect in January's deadly Ft. Mitchell road rage incident is facing a two-count criminal indictment.

Justin Davidson is accused of shooting and killing Lorenzo Freeman outside of a Dollar General store on Sweetwater Branch Road.

"There was an indictment of intentional murder and there was an indictment for the enhancement provisions for what's known as the Alabama hate crime statute," said Davis.

Although the district attorney couldn't go into detail about testimony or evidence heard by the grand jury, he said to sustain an indictment for the hate crime there had to be substantial proof.

"There would have to be some testimony, some evidence that the motivation for the homicide involved the gender, race, or religion of the victim," said Davis.

Back in March, News Leader 9 heard from  Freeman's family along with the local NAACP. Both parties were pushing for Davidson to be charged with a hate crime following witnesses coming forward to say Davidson was shouting racial slurs as he was pumping bullets in Freeman's direction.

"I get emotional, but all I can say is I want justice. I want justice," said Freeman's wife, Shannon Freeman.

"We have to send a message that when you in fact kill someone based on race, there has to be a message that has to be sent---you will never see the light of day again," said Freeman's attorney Dwayne Brown.

The Russell County district attorney said in this case, involving the two army veterans, Davidson's attorney waived the reading of the indictment and an arraignment is scheduled on the June 27 court docket.

If convicted, Davidson could face from 10 years to life in prison. Meantime, he is being held in the Russell County Jail on a $500,000 bond.

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