Man acquitted of killing ex-wife at Cherokee Ave. Apt. speaks on their relationship

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Last week a Muscogee County jury exonerated a Columbus man who was accused of killing his ex-wife in June 2012.

Jarod Ingram, 34, was charged in a four-count indictment including two counts of murder, aggravated assaul,t and possession of a knife during the commission of a felony in the stabbing death of Ciara Ingram. 

This morning, Jarod sat down with our Roslyn Giles for a one on one interview about his relationship with his ex-wife, which he said was love at first sight. 

The couple met in 2002 when both were about 19 years old and in the military at Fort Gordon near Augusta. After happily dating for three months, they tied the knot.

"When we got married, things kind of took a downhill turn. We started arguing a lot immediately," explained Jarod Ingram. 

He says their disagreements started on their wedding night when the two had their first argument. The argument was over changes his wife wanted to see after saying, "I do," like cutting off ties to other women, including his aunts. 

Even with all the arguing and yelling, he said, there was never any physical abuse.

After three years of marriage, Jarod and Ciara separated in 2006.  

Their relationship got much better as they co-parented their two children, according to Jarod Ingram.

By 2009 they divorced. But in June 2012, things really took a turn for the worse.

Ciara Ingram was found stabbed to death in her Cherokee Avenue apartment near Lakebottom Park. Days later, Jarod  Ingram was indicted and charged with her murder. 

"When I spoke to her last and talked to her last, she was getting ready to move to Indiana. I was coming by to pick up some things. I know my daughter wanted her leap pad,"  he added.

Jarod Ingram describes that last visit as uneventful.

"The biggest thing is when we were leaving she was standing on her front stoop waving us off and that was the last time I seen her,"  he recalled.

Contrary to earlier reports that the kids were standing outside and heard their mother screaming while their dad stabbed her three times. 

"They put me in a holding cell about enough space as you are from me with a stone wall, stone floor, and stone bed, says Jarod Ingram.

He says when he was locked up at the Muscogee County Jail, things were bad for him. He started making bad decisions but he says things started to turn around for him when he started to read the Bible and he discovered his inner peace.

Fifteen months later, he was released on bond and recently went to trial where his now 12-year-old son testified.

"He said he saw mommy alive and waving when we were leaving." 

Jarod Ingram also talked about the lack of evidence he felt weighed heavily on the jury's decision to acquit him of all charges filed against him. 

"The cellphone ping that showed the last time I was at her home and the time I arrived him in Cataula --They were trying to say I could have gotten to Cataula in 11 minutes which would have left me with more than 10 minutes to commit what they said I committed. It was just ridiculous. There was male DNA other than mine found two to three feet from her body and they didn't pursue that," Jarod Ingram stated.

Jarod Ingram is now remarried and working a full-time job. His only hope now is regaining custody of his two children.

News Leader 9  reached out the prosecutor who handled the case to get their side of the story but they did not return our call. 

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