WTVM Editorial 06/25/18: Disaster control

(WTVM) - Water flowing in rivers and lakes is beautiful.

But water flowing hard and fast through a huge office building, cascading from floor to floor unchecked for hours is catastrophic.

That's the disaster the Columbus Consolidated Government is trying to control thanks to a major water main break and it's a major mess.

Luckily, our city leaders have proven to be more than up to the task.

Emergency courtrooms have had to be set up. Some police and sheriff's services have had to be housed in a parking lot tent, and the everyday services that citizens count on have been thrown into chaos.

Imagine the turmoil caused by the damaging flooding in a building that houses so many varied and vital services: court clerks, judges, deputies, and other security officers, Human Resources personnel, IT experts,  important and irreplaceable city and county records, and so many more public service functions behind the scenes that most of us take for granted.

We commend the city and county leaders who have met this disaster by calmly and smartly managing the crisis, keeping the public informed and reassured.

Thanks once again to the professional management of Mayor Teresa Tomlinson, City Manager Isiah Hugley, Sheriff Donna Tompkins, Police Chief Ricky Boren, and others. Columbus and Muscogee County have begun to emerge from the waterlogged disaster, finding creative workarounds to keep the government functioning.

The city maintenance workers and cleanup crews from ServPro have done an admirable job too. It's what they do, but the water removal is nonetheless a very challenging job.

Our city leaders are proving once again they can rise to a challenge and we're glad to acknowledge their capabilities in a crisis.

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