WTVM Editorial 7/3/18: Tim Tebow never quits

WTVM Editorial 7/3/18: Tim Tebow never quits

(WTVM) - Pro athletes seldom get a second shot at greatness.

Only Auburn's Bo Jackson really did it - playing pro football and Major League Baseball at the same time.

Michael Jordan tried baseball after basketball, but it wasn't meant to be.

But now the sports world is suddenly talking about Tim Tebow again - about the great things the former football Heisman Trophy winner is doing on the baseball diamond.

But it's not Tebow's home runs in the minor leagues that are the most impressive thing about Tebow. It's not that he may also get to be a two-sport superstar like Bo Jackson.

No, what's really special about Tim Tebow is his faith, persistence, and strong work ethic, qualities his minor league teammates say separates him from the rest.

It's a lesson we can all learn.

Tim Tebow just never quits. His intense Christian faith has earned him some mocking in the past. Remember his kneeling-in-prayer pose, called "Tebowing?"

But he quietly remains committed to God and helping, among other causes, missionaries in the Philippines, where his parents were evangelical Christians in the '80's and where Tebow himself was born.

In 1987, Tim Tebow's mother contracted amoebic dysentery while pregnant and fell into a coma. Doctors told her they expected a stillbirth and recommended an abortion. She refused, and Tim Tebow was born with the genes of a pro athlete and a strong sense of personal responsibility.

If or when Tim Tebow gets called up to the big leagues to play on the New York Mets team, it really won't be a miracle.

It will be because Tim Tebow got there by working really hard staying focused on his goal and never quitting.

That's what a real role model does, whether he's in the spotlight or not.

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